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About Me

As a licensed real estate broker in California, I know that there is much emphasis placed on selling real estate on the internet. However, there is also an absence of professional photographs being used in real estate web listings. It appears that many salespersons and brokers are simply taking pictures of listings with cell phones and posting those pictures online. While that might be a fast and simple solution, it is hardly flattering to the seller’s property.

So with that in mind, I have combined my knowledge of real estate with my love of photography to offer photography services to other real estate salespersons and brokers. By offering a variety of different packages, my goal is to help them put their best foot forward when marketing their listings. I have devoted a great deal of time over the past eight years to polishing my photography skills. However, this site is not just about photography. It is as much about selling and marketing as it is about photography. Now it is your turn to benefit from all that I have learned over the years. Let me show you how great real estate photography can help you market your listings better — and ultimately lead to faster sales.